Why YOU should consider INVESTING in a Vanuatu Passport!


Vanuatu (2nd) Passports-‘by-Investment
High Net Worth Individuals and Families,
with DOORSTEP Delivery (ANYWHERE in the World)
to Customers (New Vanuatu Citizen / PASSPORT Applicants)
within ¡¡¡¡ 60-90 days !!!! 
(of the FULL PAYMENT of the Vanuatu Investment Migration
Bureau’s mandated Fees & Completing the Govt. Application)


Opening doors to Visa-Free Travel to about 100 countries,
PLUS liberal global benefits — for International Residence
(in many highly desirable 3rd countries), Offshore Structures
for Wealth Protection, Crypto- / Asset Management & more.

“Far from the Madding Crowd’s Ignoble Strife” …

Rainforest-Covered, Sun-Drenched, VERDANT VANUATU!

Discovered (1774) by the legendary English Explorer Captain James Cook
who named us the ‘New Hebrides Islands’ (TODAY : “V-A-N-U-A-T-U”),
and thereafter Colonized – by both the French and British Empires
(now a proud member of the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, with both
French and English now natively spoken throughout the country) –
the stunningly beautiful South Pacific 83-Island nation of Vanuatu,
with its myriad year-round-warm, swimmable, Dolphin Lagoons,
Golden Beaches, shallow-depth Technicolor Coral Reef Gardens,
Hideaway coves where lie perhaps forgotten legendary treasures
aboard long-lost sunken Pirate Sailing Ships, and Fairytale Yachts
anchored in the harbor, stately masts a-swaying gently in the breeze,
Boiling LAVA LAKES atop Misty Mountain-Peak Rumbling Volcanos,
ONLY 2 – 3 hours flight from both Australia and New Zealand,
does NOT Tax Income, NOR Wealth, Foreign nor Domestic:
an attractive emerging Crypto-Currency-friendly & Tax-FREE
Investment Destination, Financial Centre and Yachting Hub,
Quietly Perfect for a Celebrities’ Hideout, & UHNWIs / HNWIs
who seek to establish a fresh, new International Business /
Wealth Footprint, Vacation Home and Overseas Base

What is Millionaire Migration

Why Second Passport?

Why's Vanuatu the Best 2nd Passport

Hope to see you soon, Citizen of Sovereign VANUATU, holding the PASSPORT of our Island Paradise!