About Us

About Us

VanuatuPassportAgency (VanuatuPassportAgency.com, “VPA”) is a venture of Gairik.com — duly Authorized ‘Registered Representative’ of the Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau, “VIMB“.


VIMB — Vanuatu-Government-Designated Organization under the nation’s Development Support Program, “DSP“.

V a n u a t u P a s s p o r t A g e n c y . c o m + VIMB

Are a Resource for

  • WEALTHY Foreign (Non-Vanuatuan individual) Investors :  who are ready, willing and able to obtain the (citizenship and) PASSPORT of the Republic of Vanuatu; by

I N V E S T I N G / D O N A T I N G in/to Vanuatu --

Click each of the following questions for the answers -- in which lie the essence of our business.

What is Millionaire Migration

Why Second Passport?

Why's Vanuatu the Best 2nd Passport

We market and promote INVESTMENT into Vanuatu by facilitating and assisting Non-Vanuatuan individuals and families from across the world, who seek to obtain Vanuatuan Citizenship and Passport,

Are a Resource for

  • Either, as  a  Legal/Lawful 2nd Passport


  • Or, to officially Renounce / Replace their current / legacy Citizenship, and Migrate — exiting wherever they were living, which can mean (PermanentDeparture
  • From … maybe …
    • “Tax First, Ask Later”, “Ask Not what your country has done for you …” kinds of nations,  
    • corrupt, kleptomaniacal, buffoon-ish leadership in conflict-ravaged, autocratic, failed ‘Police States’,  
    • never-ending, bone-chilling, icy winters, … ;  
  • To
    • Freedom — a  New Life,
      • … (perhaps) with a New Home next to a year-round sunny and golden sandy beach, constantly caressed by gently lapping waves of clear Pacific waters always warm enough to swim in comfortably,  
      • … on a Tax-Free South Pacific Island nation with a relaxed ambience, non-intrusive ecosystem and pro-business governmental environment,  
      • … with myriad   T R A V E L   P R I V I L E G E S   (in many cases: depending on what you were used to, what country you were from, before legally becoming a Vanuatuan Passport-holder and citizen).


To obtain the passport of any country, you are required to be a citizen of that country. Many countries allow Dual (ergo Multiple) citizenships (of multiple countries).

However, some countries do not allow that. In such cases, upon getting the Vanuatu Passport, you may Choose to Disclose that information, and consequently thereupon have to renounce the (citizenship and) passport of your earlier country — the passport of which you held first.

Note that Vanuatu Does NOT have any protocol in place to routinely Publish the Names of New Vanuatu Citizens, or officially disclose that information to the countries from which the new citizens “Migrated”, to Vanuatu citizenship — an act that would of course Constitute a Violation of Vanuatu Citizens’ Right To Privacy!

Note that renouncing your earlier citizenship does not mean that you have to leave your earlier (legacy) country, or never enter it again. In almost every case, you can get a visa — generally at the time of re-entry — to the earlier country (to enter and stay). You just travel using your new ‘Travel and Identification Document’, i.e., (a visa stamped in) your new Vanuatu Passport.

And if that country is included in Vanuatu’s long list of Visa-Free Travel Countries — maybe you won’t even need a visa in advance!

Who Would Benefit From A Vanuatu Passport?

This topic is addressed in greater depth in the page, "Applying for a Vanuatu Passport -- Who is this for?".

In summary — this is obviously a very attractive option for wealthy individuals, mostly Entrepreneurs / Business Magnates, Successful Developers/Owners of Valuable Intellectual Property, Investors / Traders in the International Financial Securities & Commodities markets, Crypto-Currency Professionals, Established Artists / Celebrities and Movie Moguls, … — UHNIs and HNIs — who are tired of paying High Taxes, who feel persecuted, taken advantage of, and unnecessarily vulnerable to shakedowns — in (many of) the legacy nations in which they live.

This is also an attractive proposition for High-Net Worth Individuals (anywhere in the world) who may be contemplating Retirement or semi-Retirement, “… far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife…” — in an idyllic South Pacific Paradise.

Motivation of the Vanuatu Government

Not inconceivably, there are many highly beneficial and compelling imperatives for this small island nation to want to attract Wealth and Investors, and the best and brightest Talent to its shores. But suffice to say — it is estimated that, in 2020 alone, the Government of Vanuatu earned upto 38% of its national income (GDP) — USD 96 Million — from the revenues generated by its (‘Passport By Investment’) Development Support Program, ‘DSP’ — which go directly into the Vanuatu Government’s Local Development Fund.

A New Vanuatu Passport!…

close your eyes and let your mind wander … picture the possibilities … leave your Unwanted baggage and the Concrete Jungle behind, and take a chance at a New Life … for a magical New Beginning, with a New Passport … the Secret Gateway to a Faraway Country, a verdant green wonderland of Coral Islands, Reefs and Atolls, astride warm clear blue lagoons where the dolphins play, in a calm aquamarine stretch of the distant South Pacific, 2,000 kilometres beyond the Great Barrier Reef of Australia’s Queensland Gold Coast, and about the same distance from New Zealand — your very own Kingdom of Narnia

... sounds Enchanting, does it not?


Click Here for our C O N T A C T Page, and a list of our T E A M-members that you can get in touch with, in one of Several Languages and Time-Zones across the world, to get started — with Your Application for Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport by Investment.

Best of Luck, and we hope to see you soon — as a proud new Vanuatu Passport-holder!!!!