Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was the current Citizenship by Investment Program – the “Development Support Program” created?

There have been prior programs (CCP, VERP), however, the current DSP (Development Support Program) was launched on the 01 January 2017.

2. What is the Vanuatu Government’s motivation behind it?

The Government of Vanuatu is looking at the DSP to both bring quality High-Net-Worth applicants to the program – who will hopefully be motivated to invest in Vanuatu, and to raise funds for the further development of the country. It is estimated that the Government of Vanuatu earns over 30% of its annual income from the revenues earned by its (Citizenship By Investment) DSP (Development Support Program) -- which goes into the Vanuatu Government's Local Development Fund.

3. How to apply for Vanuatu citizenship?

Citizenship can only be applied for and processed through an officially appointed DSP Representative. The "Vanuatu Passport Agency" -- VanuatuPassportAgency.com -- is an outreach of the Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB), which exists to provide a credible, reliable and sustainable global channel for the promotion of Vanuatu's DSP Program and provide a platform for the Officially Appointed Representative to present from.

4. Who can apply?

Application for DSP Citizenship is through invitation and all applicants need to pass a stringent probity process to ensure that they meet the desired citizenship profile that Vanuatu is looking for.

5. How does one apply when there is not a Vanuatu embassy in the applicant’s country?

Through VanuatuPassportAgency.com, a VIMB Official Representative.

6. How do I make sure that my application is submitted through the right channels and my passport will be issued?

VIMB strongly advises prospective applicants to check the credentials of the party offering the Citizenship Program. VanuatuPassportAgency.com is an outreach of the VIMB, the primary global distributor for the DSP, backed with a strong local delivery team in Vanuatu.

7. What is the duration of the process? (How long does the process takes?)

The first part is the Pre-Approval phase, in which the applicant completes the application Nomination Form and submits this with some documentation requirements and a USD 5,000 fee. This process usually takes around 10 days. This fee is non-refundable.

Once Pre-Approval is provided, the Second Phase starts with all the documents required being submitted together with the full payment. This process, subject to the documentation being in order, takes between 30 to 90 days. Usually, this can be achieved in 30 days with the guidance of VanuatuPassportAgency.com / VIMB Representatives assisting the applicant with their preparation of documents.

8. How much does the Citizenship by Investment Program cost?

The DSP application entry cost is USD 130,000 + USD 5,000 FIU + USD 2,000 Administration fee for a single applicant.

9. What are the fees?

The Fee is a DONATION and goes towards administrative costs. This can be verified on the Government’s Citizenship Commission website.

10. What is Vanuatu’s passport ranking?

The passport provides visa-free / visa-on-arrival travel to around 100 countries, including the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong. The current rank of the Vanuatu Passport is 51th.

11. Does Vanuatu citizenship extend to families?

Vanuatu Citizenship is open to parents/grandparents plus children. Citizenship is hereditary.

12. Since the Vanuatu citizenship is hereditary, i.e., passing on from Parent to Child, why should a client (parent) need to pay up-front for a Vanuatu Passport for a Child?

If the child was born when one or both parents were already Vanuatu citizens, then the Citizenship is hereditary. But if neither parent was a Vanuatu citizen when the child was born, but one or both parents became a Vanuatu citizen after the child was born, then the child cannot INHERIT the Vanuatu citizenship. In such cases, the child will have to obtain his Vanuatu citizenship independently, if interested to do so.

13. Can citizens of any country apply for Vanuatu citizenship?

No. Currently there is an Embargo on certain countries -- North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Iran.

Citizens of these countries cannot be processed for Vanuatu citizenship, ordinarily.

From these countries, we can process only those persons who can show irrefutable evidence that they have been living abroad, in a non-embargoed country, for 5 years or more.

14. Will anyone applying for the program be liable for any taxes in Vanuatu?

There are no taxes in Vanuatu other than indirect taxes, like VAT and import duty.

15. Do I need to go to Vanuatu?

NO, applicants do NOT need to travel to Vanuatu to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship.

16. To how many countries is the holder of a Vanuatu passport able to fly-free visa?

Around 100 countries currently with further countries under negotiation. Click Here for the 'Visa-Free Travel' Countries List for Vanuatu Passport-holders.

17. Is Vanuatu likely to obtain a visa exemption to Australia?

Currently, a three-year multiple entry visa is obtainable.