Why Vanuatu is the Best Passport

"Why You should consider having a Vanuatu Passport!"

Once the case for INVESTMENT MIGRATION is Definitively Established, and the decision to obtain a Seconf Passport is also made, then the question becomes — Which Investment Migration Destination Country?  and

Which Passport is Best?

Most of the Investment Migration destination countries are located either in the Caribbean / Latin Anerica, or in Europe.

Let’s examine Vanuatu as compared to these other main options — Caribbean and Europe.

We market Investment Migration to the Republic of VANUATU — a Tax-Free Island Nation in the legendarily beautiful South Pacific — which is FAST Establishing itself as an Offshore Private Banking and Financial Center, and an emerging Yachting Hub. (Our clients basically pay for the privilege of getting a Vanuatu Passport — in record time, and at a very reasonable cost.)

  • There are 2 nearest major Western” countries — Australia and New Zealand (both 3-4-hour flights away, with multiple daily flights connecting each with Port Vila, the Capital, largest city and Commercial Center of Vanuatu). Both Australia and New Zealand are Non-Threatening, Peaceful, Well-Renowned, Well-Governed, English-speaking, Wealthy, Successful Capitalist Liberal Democracies. Tied together by the bonds of being Neighboring Nations, sharing a common British Colonial PAST, and an Anglo-Phone, British Commonwealth PRESENT, both are closely engaged with Vanuatu — with a lot of Australians and New Zealanders traveling to-and-from and spending time in Vanuatu, even running businesses, working and/or living here full-time (including VIMB COO Daniel Agios, an Australian from Sidney, New South Wales). The proximity to Australia and New Zealand exercizes a fair degree of influence — at least in Port Vila (Click for Wiki | Map), and the few other larger towns on the main islands, and ensures Vanuatu innocuous and seamless access to modern Western cultural, technological and economic resources, and positive social and civilizational expectations.
  • The Total Investment — to get the Citizenship by Investment Migration, and Vanuatu Passport — is amongst the Least Expensive of any country offering an Investment Migration program. Click Here to know the Exact Costs — that would apply in your specific case.


  • Unlike the CARIBBEAN, in Vanuatu

    • there are NO Yearly H U R R I C A N E S  that Devastate, Ruin, and Wipe Out Vanuatu’s Islands randomly and UNSTOPPABLY … — See
    • there is NO nearby powerful Big Brother Country (like the US) —

      … to impose the US’s Will on these tiny nations.

      Do YOU really want to link your Fate and Future — already as an Investment Migrant — to a very Vulnerable Caribbean Island Nation Unavoidably and Inextricably embroiled in such a predicament? What kind of Sovereign Protections can a Passport from such a country even afford — to any Investment Migrant — particularly if a time comes unexpectedly: when he really needs such protection?

Anywhere Else

  • Unlike Anywhere Else, Vanuatu (citizenship and) Passports —>
    • Blazingly FAST, generally in under 2 months  
    • NO ELABORATE TESTS / Bureaucracy  
    • Processed Completely REMOTELY (through VanuatuPassportAgency.com + VIMB)  
      to Obtain, or Even to MAINTAIN
      — your citizenship and Passport

Click Here to go to our Home Page, where Vanuatu is presented in the above context. You will realize that Vanuatu is the Absolute BEST Investment Migration PASSPORT Country.

Following that, we invite YOUR Application for Investment Migration to Vanuatu Citizenship, and about 2 months thereafter, to YOU getting  —

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