How Much does it Cost?

Vanuatu Government Mandated Fees, i.e., the cost of obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship (and Passport) under the DSP — are fixed by the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission of the Government of Vanuatu (and discounting of officially established fees is prohibited by law).

These are currently as below.

:USD 5,000
Administrative Fee:USD 2,000
FIU Due Diligence Fee:USD 5,000
Application Fee
Single Applicant:USD 130,000
Married Couple:USD 150,000
Married Couple + 1 Child:USD 165,000
Married Couple + 2 Children:USD 180,000
Additional Applicant:Contact us for a Quote

This (Passport By Investment) program of the Vanuatu Government is currently the LEAST EXPENSIVE and FASTEST of such programs (from any other country).