Investment Migration – From: Canada

Why some millionaires choose to leave Canada:

  1. Taxation: High-income individuals, including millionaires, seek jurisdictions with more favorable tax policies. Many feel that the tax burden in Canada is too high, and explore other countries that offer lower taxes or more attractive tax incentives.

  2. Investment opportunities: Millionaires look for favorable investment climates that can provide higher returns and better wealth management options. They perceive that other countries offer better investment opportunities or a more business-friendly environment than Canada, and some choose to relocate for financial reasons.

  3. Lifestyle and quality of life: Millionaires prioritize certain lifestyle factors such as CLIMATE, amenities, cultural offerings, or access to exclusive services. If they feel that another country better aligns with their desired lifestyle or offers a higher quality of life, they might decide to relocate.

It’s important to note that not all millionaires are leaving Canada.