Investment Migration – From: India

There are several reasons why millionaires are leaving India.

Firstly, they see the country’s tax regime as severe, and the laws / regulations / enforcement related to India’s (largely Failed) Banking sector as impossible and discouraging. Secondly, they seek overseas passports with greater travel mobility. Third is the higher standard of living in some countries, including better education and health care, more reliable infrastructure, cleaner air, and a better all-round lifestyle.

It is important to note that while some millionaires may choose to leave India, it does not mean that all millionaires are leaving or that there is a mass exodus of wealthy individuals from the country. India ranked 3rd in millionaire outmigration in 2022, but was still churning out more millionaires than it’s losing: Henley & Partners — “In 2022, so far 8,000 high-networth individuals (HNI) have moved out of India (2022-Nov-28)”.

People’s decisions to move or leave a country can be influenced by various factors, and it is crucial to consider the broader context. There could be several reasons why some millionaires choose to relocate from India, including:

  1. Business opportunities: Some millionaires might be seeking better business prospects or investment opportunities in other countries. They might perceive more favorable economic and regulatory conditions, access to global markets, or a more conducive environment for their specific industries elsewhere.

  2. Taxation and financial considerations: High-net-worth individuals often consider taxation policies when deciding where to reside. Changes in tax laws, including wealth taxes, capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes, could impact their decisions. They might seek countries with more favorable tax regimes to optimize their wealth and minimize tax liabilities.

  3. Political stability: Political stability is an essential factor for individuals, especially those with significant wealth. Political uncertainties, policy changes, or concerns about governance and political unrest in a country can lead some individuals to explore other options for their own security and stability.

  4. Education and lifestyle choices: Wealthy individuals often prioritize access to quality education for themselves and their families. They may choose to move to countries with renowned educational institutions or a lifestyle that aligns better with their preferences or cultural values.

  5. Global mobility and diversification: Some millionaires may opt for international mobility to diversify their assets, expand their networks, or gain exposure to different markets. By having residences or citizenship in multiple countries, they can enjoy benefits such as visa-free travel, asset protection, and greater investment opportunities.

It’s worth noting that India is a diverse and dynamic country with a significant number of millionaires who continue to reside and invest within its borders. The reasons for individuals’ decisions to relocate are highly subjective and vary from person to person.


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Overall, the reasons for millionaires leaving India are complex and multifaceted, and vary depending on individual circumstances.

It is widely known that, “India does NOT allow Multiple Citizenships”. So, the Question a lot of Indians ask about is —

How can Indian Citizens legally enjoy the benefits of Offshore / Foreign Citizenship while retaining their Indian Assets?

Through the videos below, we are going to address just this very question!