Investment Migration – From: Indonesia

There are several reasons why millionaires / wealthy individuals are leaving Indonesia. Note that not all millionaires in Indonesia are leaving.

  1. Economic and business environment: Indonesia, like any country, has its own economic and business challenges. Rampant, Out-of-control Corruption, High taxes, complex regulations, bureaucratic hurdles, and inconsistent policy frameworks make it difficult for entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals to conduct business or expand their wealth. These factors are driving some to seek more favorable business environments in other countries. 

  2. Political instability: Political stability is crucial for business and investment confidence. Any perception of political instability, such as frequent changes in leadership, policy unpredictability, or corruption, make wealthy individuals concerned about the security and future of their assets. Stability is an important factor for long-term investment planning. 

  3. Security concerns: Personal safety and security is a concern in Indonesia. Social unrest, crime rates, and a lack of confidence in local law enforcement agencies cause wealthy individuals to seek more secure environments for themselves and their families. 

  4. Education and lifestyle opportunities: Some millionaires prioritize access to high-quality education, healthcare, and lifestyle opportunities for themselves and their children. They choose to relocate to countries with well-established educational systems, advanced healthcare facilities, and a better quality of life overall.
  5. Global mobility and diversification: Wealthy individuals have the means to pursue global mobility and diversify their assets internationally. They choose to establish residency or citizenship in countries that offer favorable tax policies, better wealth management opportunities, and more attractive investment climates.

It’s important to remember that while some millionaires leave Indonesia, others stay and participate in the country’s rapidly expanding economy and development.

The reasons for millionaires leaving Indonesia are complex and multifaceted, and vary depending on individual circumstances.