Investment Migration – From: Saudi Arabia

Some Ultra-Wealthy are leaving Saudi Arabia, or at least moving a lot of their assets outside the reach of Saudi Arabia; and establishing a very robust footprint far from the Kingdom.

  1. This is nothing new. Saudi UHNWIs have been significant investors in Europe, North America and other places they deem worthy — for as long as they have had their gargantual Oil revenues.
    1. They have long owned high-end Real Estate in many of the world’s most desirable locations — London, Paris, the French Riviera, Southern California, near the Florida beaches, …
    2. Generations of the children of Saudi elites, often from European or American mothers, have grown up outside Saudi Arabia, and lived far away from Saudi Arabia their entire lives.
  2. For the Saudi Ultra-Wealthy, it is actually good planning, not putting all their eggs in the Saudi basket.
  3. As to any recent, more accelerated pace / effort to keep or build out their assets offshore — the impetus for much of that may have to do political and (the Royal) Succession-related issues, that they fear — they may be personally unfavorably impacted by.
  4. There is also growing awareness, perhaps some foreboding, that the Kingdom’s excessive dependence on the revenues derived from fossil fuels will not emd well. Because
    1. Eventually the resource will be exhausted, perhaps sooner than later, and
    2. The world, in any case, is rapidly moving away from Fossil Fuels
      1. to migitate the effects of the Climate Crisis, and
      2. to get out of the clutches of Fossil Fuel Supply sources like Russia, the Arab World, and other places that much of the world do not feel comfortable depending on too much.
  5. Some Saudis simply move to the UAE, which is generally regarded as much more liberal, culturally Westernized, and just generally more fun to live in or do business from, for most people.

Overall, the out-Migration of Ultra-Wealthy Saudi Elites from the Kingdon has not been regarded as any sort of a crisis.