Investment Migration – From: USA

There are several factors that contribute to millionaires leaving the United States:

  1. Taxation: The tax burden on high-net-worth individuals in the United States is significant. Millionaires often choose to relocate to countries or jurisdictions with lower tax rates or more favorable tax policies, seeking to retain more of their wealth.

  2. Wealth diversification: Most millionaires choose to diversify their assets and investments globally. By moving to different countries or establishing residency elsewhere, they can access different markets and opportunities, reducing their reliance on any single economy or currency.

  3. Political and regulatory environment: Political stability, favorable business regulations, and economic policies can significantly influence the decisions of millionaires. Some individuals choose to leave the United States if they perceive political or regulatory changes that could impact their wealth or business operations negatively.

  4. Business opportunities: Millionaires, particularly entrepreneurs and investors, like to relocate to countries with emerging or thriving economies, where they can take advantage of new business prospects or benefit from favorable economic conditions.
  5. Global citizenship: Millionaires seeking greater mobility and flexibility obtain multiple citizenships or residency rights in different countries. This allows them to travel freely, access international markets, and potentially benefit from more favorable legal and regulatory frameworks.
  6. Lifestyle and quality of life: Millionaires seek favorable living environments, including factors such as safety, healthcare, education, cultural amenities, and overall quality of life. They often relocate to countries that offer a higher quality of life or better align with their personal preferences.

It’s worth noting that while some millionaires may choose to leave the United States, many others choose to reside or invest in the country due to its economic opportunities, legal system, access to capital markets, or other factors that align with their interests and objectives.